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Soft Washing – Back to new

Soft Washing – Back to new

Soft washing

When most individuals think of washing thier home, they think of a power washer, not of soft washing. But strictly using a pressure washer to blast away dirt from your home can do more damage than good. Perhaps you’ve seen the damage done, those squiggly lines on the siding or shutters. Don’t risk that for…

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The importance of keeping gutters clean!

keeping gutters clean

When it comes to keeping gutters clean and regular maintainence, the saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is very relevant to majority of property owners. Can you remember the last time you had your gutters checked? If not, now might be the time to get them checked, either by yourself or a professional. Believe…

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Pressure Washing Home or Business will increase its value

Pressure Washing for Home or Business will increase its value

Another reason why regular pressure washing home or business is important is the resale value of the building. It’s not only the exterior condition of the building which comes under close inspection, but the encompassing walking and parking surfaces too.  These three areas will have a huge effect on its resale value, thus keeping them…

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Building Maintenance is important!

The Importance of Regular Building Maintenance

There are many reasons to do regular building maintenance on your home or commercial building. While the sight of a freshly painted home or a varnished deck can be very appealing, in actuality it’s cheaper and easier to perform building maintenance than to replace than before you should have to. It’s a fact of life that homes…

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How to fix an Ice Dam

So, you haven’t called anyone for gutter cleaning, but now you have an ice dam, what now? Climbing on the roof with snow or ice, makes a dangerous situation even worse. Don’t risk your personal injury if you’re not properly trained, call a professional! Professionals are skilled and insured to carefully handle this situation. The…

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Gutter cleaning required for a problem free winter.

pittsburgh gutter cleaning

Why is gutter cleaning something we’re talking about again in the middle of winter? It’s because now is the time that neglected gutters are going to cause you the worst problems. Your gutters, or the need for gutter cleaning, may not be something you may not pay attention to much, but they provide a important…

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Pittsburgh Gutter Cleaning.

Pittsburgh Gutter Cleaning…Hopefully it’s not too late!!! Well the cold weather has finally come to Pittsburgh. Why is gutter cleaning so important, especially before winter? The following diagram, as found from Owens-Corning, shows how clogged gutters contribute to ice dams and the result damage that follows. This is an easily preventable problem. First keep the…

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Pittsburgh Pressure Washing

Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning h2oTEKS logo

Oh my!!! This concrete lot has been severely neglected and abused for a very long time by a construction company. No problem, the new property owners knew h2oTEKS Ltd would be the right people to call to restore the lot to a usable and respectable place for employees and customers alike to use. If its pressure washing…

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