Restaurant Patio Cleaning

It’s not just food you’re offering your patrons – you’re giving them a complete dining experience. h2oTEKS is here to make that experience a positive one.

Creating Your Ideal Environment

Many of our customers in the food industry remark that ambience is as important as the food. If your diners are enjoying outdoor seating or waiting areas, you want to make sure that the environment matches the amazing menu.

h2oTEKS uses a state of the art pressure washing system to completely restore your restaurant patio entry. Tapping into the industry’s most advanced technology, we’re able to bring the best level of service and the finest results to you.

Our Hot Water Pressure Washing System

Why does your Hobart dishwashing equipment use seriously hot water? Plain and simple, because it cleans better and faster.

It’s the same for your exterior surfaces! We use a specialized hot water pressure washing system to clean your restaurant patio. Depending on the need, up to 200 degrees.

  • Hot water very effectively lifts and removes grease, dirt, mold, mildew, and even gum.
  • Removes those unsightly black traffic patterns in and out of door and between tables.
  • Rids the patio of the “sticky” floor when you walk. (Yes, that means the patio is very dirty.)
  • Requires less to zero chemicals, for better and safer result, to any surface.
  • Provides safe cleaning on even sensitive surfaces, such a s painted or stained concrete, even pavers.

With our equipment and experience, a dirty patio is simply no match for our cleaning powers. Whether you’re in the market for a routine clean or your surfaces require serious elbow grease, we have a solution.

Your Best Dining Experience, Guaranteed!

We’ve been working with customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia for more than two decades. Our extensive experience means that we know keenly what our customers need for success… And we know how to bring that result to you.

Using hot water pressure washing, h2oTEKS is giving you a cleaning solution that is:

  • Faster and more effective
  • Better for the environment
  • Safer

Cleaning on Your Schedule

We appreciate that you have a business to run. So while you’re focusing on your kitchen and your diners, we’ll focus on the maintenance. Our service folds in a few key elements to make it easier and more effective for you. We:

  • Work around your schedule to minimize or eliminate disruption to your diners
  • Guarantee the best results for your property
  • Use approved safety protocols
  • Deliver award-winning service


Your restaurant patio should be the highlight of your property. With service from h2oTEKS, you’ll always create that memorable experience when diners join you for a meal. Patio cleaning is the best way to make the best seat in the house truly live up to its name.

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