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Protection. For h2oTEKS, that’s the main benefit of a roof cleaning service. When you trust the professionals, you’re protecting your investment, your property quality, your insurance coverage, and your first impression.

Getting your roof cleaned is not a process where corners should be cut. Make sure that you always hire a licensed, insured, and qualified professional who knows exactly how to clean your shingles safely.

  • Soft washing that won’t harm your shingles (unlike normal pressure washing)
  • Eco friendly cleaners that are safe for your property and the planet
  • Stain and streak removal that kills fungus and other eyesores

With our professionals, you’ll get a cleaner roof through a reliable, safe process. It’s better for your property – and takes your curb appeal to a new level.

A Customized Roof Cleaning Solution

Before any roof cleaning service, we always start with a conversation to learn more about your home and its needs. The result is a completely tailored soft wash service that delivers:


  • Compliance with your insurance company
  • A longer lasting roof
  • Better curb appeal
  • Fungal infestation prevention

For a better roof – and a first impression that stands out – trust h2oTEKS. We’re here to bring out the best in each shingle!

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