A Fresh Take on Dirty Dumpsters

Utilitarian? Absolutely. An eyesore? Not necessarily!

Our dumpster pad cleaning solution restores one of the most practical parts of your property to ensure that it’s clean, safe, and sanitary.

No matter how much waste your business produces; a dumpster pad is one of the most important parts of your property. This is the space where you contain, store, and dispose of your trash. This means it gets dirty a greasy, left unchecked, it starts to smell. At that point it is very unsanitary, and the smell alone can drive customers away from your restaurant.

However, your dumpster pad doesn’t have to be a negative factor to your property.

  • Maintains long-term quality condition
  • Removes stains and mold
  • Prevent unsafe slippery walking condition from buildup on the concrete
  • Eliminates bad odors

With regular dumpster pad cleaning maintenance, your property will always be at maximum functionality and even help project the image of a clean restaurant that you need.

Hot Water Pressure Washing Solutions

We will arrive at your property with the best tools in the industry to make your dumpster pad cleaning needs a success. We use:

  • Hot water pressure washing equipment that combines solid water pressure with heat up to 200 degrees to deliver a deep penetrating clean
  • Special cleaners designed to penetrate your concrete and extract stains and dirt
  • Deodorizing solution that keeps bad smells at bay

From a straightforward wash to a complete deep clean, we work with dumpsters at all levels of “dirty.” The result is a cleaner property – and a safer space.

Why it Matters

Imagine that you have a really dirty plate. You wouldn’t give this a quick wash with cold water: You’d bring out the hot water, the dish cleaner, and some serious elbow grease.

The same principle applies to your concrete. For a dumpster pad, a cold pressure washing solution will not cut it. The small gas or electric pressure washer you have, or were given by corporate management, just can’t do what you need. It requires something more intensive – and that’s what our hot water pressure washing system can deliver:

  • Hot Water (up to 200 degrees)
  • Controllable high pressure (ranging from 1500-4000PSI)
  • Experience (knowing what you need, and how to use it)

Using the best technology in the industry, is the only way to get you the results you need! This process is the only way to simultaneously remove buildup and eliminate stains.

Service Just for You

Whether your dumpster pad needs monthly maintenance or a bi-annual cleaning, h2oTEKS is here for you. We work with every customer to create an ongoing schedule that will keep your property in prime condition. Our custom service includes:

  • Scheduling that doesn’t disrupt the daily operations of your business
  • Professional technicians who are both friendly and expertly trained
  • On-time service that gets you results when you need them
  • Innovative cleaning that delivers quality that can’t be beat

With dumpster pad cleaning service from h2oTEKS, your property will look professional, stay clean, and maintain and inviting aesthetic. Don’t let dirty concrete bring you down. Get your commercial property a complete cleaning service from h2oTEKS today.

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