Gutter Cleaning – Why you need it!

Cleaning gutters is a nasty chore that usually gets put off for days, weeks, months, and years. You might rather watch the game, dont feel like getting up on the ladder, or maybe you don’t have the right ladder, or even a safe one. Forgetting or refusing to maintain your gutters properly will eventually cause a gutter clog and result in gutter…

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Choosing the right company? h2oTEKS – Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning

Not using a ladder is no better than using one unsafely!

Some small companies, post blog photos of all the types of windows they’ve cleaned. They do this to show their “abilities” and that they’re willing to take anything on. But how do you know if with them, you would be choosing the right company? Before dealing with these individuals, BEWARE! Those “abilities” often times are stupid and…

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