Beware of who you hire! – Not us of course, h2oTEKS Ltd. Pressure Washing

Make every surface a welcome mat to the rest of your property! h2oTEKS specializes in residential concrete cleaning and sealing solutions that is best for your home and the best in curb appeal.

Here is a picture from someone that chose not to hire us, because they found someone that was 10% cheaper. We understand trying to find a price that works better for the budget. But as we have said before, getting the lowest price, doesn’t meant getting the best deal or value. After this store hired…

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A Taco Bell Drive-Thur, Really? – h2oTEKS Ltd Pressure Washing


Yes restaurants need to think about cleaning every surface. The lobby, restrooms, kitchen, dumpsters, and even the drive thru. So that no customers would be delayed from getting the morning crunch wraps, work was preformed between 4 and 6 am. Restaurant sidewalks, and driveways are subject to dirt, grease, rubber, oil, gum, and soda drinks.…

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Moving? Improve you looks. h2oTEKS Ltd Pressure Washing

Regardless of the type of deck washing you need, wood or composite, regular deck washing is a must in order to keep your deck fresh and attractive in appearance. Routine cleaning is nothing short of preventive maintenance. This maintenance, if done properly, will not only add years to your deck and will save you money down the road. The pressure required in deck washing your surface is minimal. Too much pressure damages soft wood ripping away valuably wood pulp between the grain. Composite decking is susceptible to lap marks or etching from high pressure. When it comes to pressure washing, less is always more. While you may use a pressure washer to do your deck washing, it is more than just pressure you need to clean safely and throughly wash your deck. Unfortunately, once damage has been done by deck washing, you can only blend it in or replace the damaged areas. However, h2oTEKS has over 20 years of experience on our side, which enables us to preform deck washing on your composite or wood safely and throughly. Having access to the proper equipment, including hot water, and correct cleaning agents means that no matter how bad the condition of your deck is, or how long it has been neglected, we can clean it to the best possible condition, like new or otherwise. TECHNIQUES (IN THE EVENT YOU’RE DOING IT YOURSELF) Because of our two decades of experience, we know how to correctly wash any deck without creating problems. First, always aim the trigger away from the surface at startup, the startup burst is always stronger than you may expect, and never point towards anything that it may damage such as windows and people. The water which emerges from the tip is called a ‘fan.’ Please use a 45 degree tip only, anything else and you great,y increase the risk of damaging something, You never want to fire a stream of pressurized water directly at wood. Instead, you bring the fan to the surface and sweep the deck. You should start “sweeping” the deck from the house side out, so that you are never pushing water towards the house. Be consistent in the distance between the tip and the surface, any inconsistencies will be visible once your surface has dried. Applying too little pressure, or keeping the fan too far from the water will leave behind a ‘less’ clean surface. Too much high pressure, or too close to the wood will leave a stripped area. When sweeping the surface you must begin and end with the same amount of pressure. “Feathering” is a technique that helps you hide the starts and stops of the sweeps. You want to overlap the area that has been swept, with areas already cleaned. These are just a sample of helpful tips, if you are cleaning your deck yourself. However there are many other important things to remember, and we cant explain how to properly do each task. Plus we have a few additional company secrets! IF YOU WANT THE JOB DONE RIGHT… Here at H2oTeks, we aim for quality in every job we do. That means we are as careful with your property as we would be with our own. No matter how difficult the deck may be, we will not carelessly damage your deck. We can clean most decks to near new or better condition, even with the most neglected of decks. However, you will always be assured you will be provided with the best results possible. For any needs regarding: Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, or Gutter Cleaning. Call one of the best local providers with well over 20 years experience.

If you are putting your home up for sale, make no mistake, appearances matter on every surface. Here is a home owner that realized that when his condo is just 1 of 6 identical condos for sale on the same road the condo that sells first, fastest, and for the most money, it will all…

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A beautiful yard gets revived!! h2oTEKS Ltd – Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Slate Steps

We all like having a nice yard and patio for sitting out enjoying the evening and catering to family and friends. Best of all, anyone of us can have a nice area if we keep it clean. Even the best of building materials, if not cleaned properly and regularly, will leave any back patio looking…

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h2oTEKS Ltd – Pressure Washing a Retaining Wall

This retaining wall was a mess. Because of its location it never received a single second of sunlight, meaning it had mold, mildew, and moss completely covering it. It had become a big eyesore, really distracting from the rest of the yard. But by using our hot water pressure washing system, we easily cleaned every…

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Found — A Landlord who cares!!! – Pressure Washing

Your home’s exterior gets exposed to dirt, pollen, and pollution every day. It doesn’t take long before the dirt starts to accumulate and becomes noticeable. House washing from h2oTEKS uses the latest equipment to keep your home’s exterior clean. You won’t believe how nice your house looks after we’ve washed it!

One reason many people wish to own their own home is because many landlords just dont care about properties aside from collecting rent from tenants. But out in Hickory, PA, we found one who really does care. This is first of many properties to come from this landlord. Not only has this landlord invested in…

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