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Found — A Landlord who cares!!! – Pressure Washing

Archive for July 2015

A Taco Bell Drive-Thur, Really? – h2oTEKS Ltd Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing - h2oTEKS

Yes restaurants need to think about cleaning every surface. The lobby, restrooms, kitchen, dumpsters, and even the drive thru. So that no customers would be delayed from getting the morning crunch wraps, work was preformed between 4 and 6 am. Restaurant sidewalks, and driveways are subject to dirt, grease, rubber, oil, gum, and soda drinks.…

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h2oTEKS Ltd – Pressure Washing a Retaining Wall

This retaining wall was a mess. Because of its location it never received a single second of sunlight, meaning it had mold, mildew, and moss completely covering it. It had become a big eyesore, really distracting from the rest of the yard. But by using our hot water pressure washing system, we easily cleaned every…

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Found — A Landlord who cares!!! – Pressure Washing

pressure washing vinyl

One reason many people wish to own their own home is because many landlords just dont care about properties aside from collecting rent from tenants. But out in Hickory, PA, we found one who really does care. This is first of many properties to come from this landlord. Not only has this landlord invested in…

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