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Jonathan and Rebekah Barrick

Owners Jonathan and Rebekah Barrick

Thanks for letting us introduce ourselves. Pittsburgh community!

H2oTEKS is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in providing window cleaning and pressure washing services for commercial and residential clients, and we’ve been serving our community since 1996.

Many things have changed since we started 20 years ago, but one thing remains constant: We are proudly a small business, and you’ll always be getting top service, and can deal directly with the owner (that’s me, Jonathan Barrick) at any moment.

My family lives in Peters Township. Our goal has always been to build exceptional relationships by providing superior services. We do that so we can meet our more important goals; having a strong family, spending time together, volunteering to provide help to one another in need, and traveling.

We strive to provide specialized and personal services to each client, treating individual home owners, store managers, or company CEO’s with the same superior service. Our experience and contacts have enabled us to build a business that excels in:


  • Organization that makes each job run smoothly
  • Superior service from beginning to end
  • Building long-term relationships grounded in trust and results
  • Offering value through fairly priced work  that is really worth paying for


Our Service, Built Around You

We work on your schedule, not ours. And we’re proud to provide service year-round. No matter how bad our winters are, we’ll keep your services regularly scheduled so your windows remain clean.

  • For commercial work, we regularly start as early as 4am, caring for restaurants or other locations that need to have services provided during specific hours.
  • For your home, we will keep our working hours to something that fits your schedule.

H2oTEKS will keep your buildings clean, and your customers will appreciate the results… Without being disrupted.

Our Reputation

We’re proud to have a reputation that speaks for itself. We have never lost a job because of the quality of work, and to the contrary:

  • 90% or more of our work is gained by referrals only.
  • 50% of our clients have trusted our service for more than 10 years.
    Take our record: A restaurant in central Ohio has trusted our team for weekly service for 19 years, just about 1,000 services, at a single location, without complaint or a desire to look for someone new. That speaks volumes!


We care about our customers – and we care about your property. Learn more how our services can improve your home or business for the long term.

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Why Choose h2oTeks?

  • Impeccable Customer Service

  • Courteous, Punctual Technicians

  • Full Suite Of Cleaning Services

  • Family Owned & operated

  • Hot Water Pressure Washing