Professional Awning Cleaning That Keeps Your Property Attractive

Your awnings get bombarded by dirt and pollution daily. Over a few weeks or months, the dirt, pollen, and pollution can make your awnings look dingy and unattractive. Luckily, professional awning cleaning from h2oTEKS can remove the grime quickly.

h2oTEKS uses the latest cleaning equipment and eco-friendly detergents to keep your awnings in top condition!

The Benefits of Awning Cleaning

Our awning cleaning process gives you several benefits. Some of the most popular reasons that our clients choose to have us clean their awnings include:

  • Avoiding injuries from falling off of ladders while trying to reach high awnings.
  • Getting a more thorough cleaning that removes everything from bird excrement to mold.
  • Appreciating the attractiveness of a clean awning.
  • Extending the awning’s lifespan.
  • Removing spiderwebs and nests.

When we finish cleaning your awning, you won’t believe how nice it looks. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Awning Cleaning Services

We’ve provided awning cleaning services in the Pittsburgh area for years, so we know how to approach each project to get the best results.

Depending on the type of awning that you have, we have a variety of cleaning methods best selected for your particular awnings. We can select for using various ranges of pressure to using a soft-wash method to just using a soft bristled brush. We will select the best and safest method to clean your awning of dirt and grim without causing any damage.

We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products that can get you the results you want without putting your family, plants, pets, or property in jeopardy. We wouldn’t use any cleaning products that we wouldn’t use at our own homes.

Schedule Your Awning Cleaning With h2oTEKS

Get a free estimate for your awning cleaning from h2oTEKS. We’re a fully insured, local company with plenty of experience. When you get an estimate, you’ll see how affordable awning cleaning is when you choose an experienced local business.

Feel free to schedule a day and time that’s convenient for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. You can even schedule emergency awning cleaning if you need us to come within a day.

Your awnings are a large piece of your store front or backyard. Don’t let them by a distracting eyesore. When appearances matter, make sure you call your best option, h2oTEKS Ltd.



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