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Pressure washing Giant Eagle – Another satisfied customer.

Archive for January 2015

Pressure Washing a Brick Walkway

pressure washing brick

Seen here, pressure washing an old brick walkway in German Village Columbus Ohio. Our system allows us to get a good cleaning without washing out all the sand in between the bricks, and still clean the surface. We of course feathered in a transition into the neighbors walk so it would look better. But, Wow…

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Which contractor should I hire for a job?

Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning h2oTEKS logo

Which contractor should I hire for a job? That’s an important question. Not only will choosing the right contractor effect how satisfied you may end up being on the job, but choosing the wrong one could end up costing you lots of money. To be honest, when hiring a window cleaner, you’re hiring a skilled…

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Pressure washing with hot water?

Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning h2oTEKS logo

Who should you hire when needing a pressure washer? (Here’s a hint… ….well i guess that is not very subtle) We’ve all seen it. Someone with a small pressure washer that was bought from Lowe’s. Sure if you’re just trying to wash off you sidewalk that little unit may be good enough. But for a…

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Concrete Cleaning, for the front doors only?

Pressure Washing Pittsburgh

When it comes to concrete cleaning, we may think of only the front door and patio. But the back of our buildings need cleaned too. Back door with daily deliveries, employee traffic, smoking breaks, and trash,make the back door areas a real obstacle to cleanliness. Even if customers don’t see the back area frequently, they…

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concrete cleaning – Restaurant patios.

concrete cleaning

When the weather is nice, you want to be outside. Restaurants know this, so they always add a patio whenever possible. Problem is, between traffic, food spills, and grease, the concrete can take a real beating. This restaurant gets concrete cleaning on their patio every month, and it still looks bad before I clean it…

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Concrete Cleaning for your store.

Pressure Washing

Concrete cleaning is just something that needs done. You store generally has one front door that everyone comes in and out of. That’s a lot of traffic and dirt. Our unique system uses hot water to effectively and safely clean your concrete. Using hot water, variable pressure as needed, and occasionally Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we…

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Gutter Cleaning for your home.

Gutter Cleaning

We may not notice it everyday. But your gutters are an important part of your home. You need to keep them clean on the inside so they properly carry water away from the house. But the outside of the gutters get dirty too. And to clean them you need know how. If its only dirt…

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House washing restores your home to new.

house cleaning

House washing? Who does that? Well we do, h2oTEKS. Everything needs cleaned; dishes, clothes, cars, and YES, your home! New brick homes to old farm houses with vinyl  siding will all look better after they get cleaned. But you cant just spray a hose on the house, nor should you just point a power washer…

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Pressure washing Giant Eagle – Another satisfied customer.

pressure washing concrete

Pressure washing at Giant Eagle – Another satisfied customer in Pittsburgh. High traffic entrances always get dirty and quickly. But our pressure washing system using hot water can clean just about anything, including that unsightly gum from people who didn’t notice there is a trash can right there.  –

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