House Washing to Protect Your Home’s Value and Beauty

Your home’s exterior gets exposed to dirt, pollen, and pollution every day. It doesn’t take long before the dirt starts to accumulate and becomes noticeable. House washing from h2oTEKS uses the latest equipment to keep your home’s exterior clean. You won’t believe how nice your house looks after we’ve washed it!

Benefits of House Washing

You get several benefits from professional house washing. At h2oTEKS, we’ve perfected a process that will:

  • Improve your house’s curb appeal.
  • Remove cobwebs or nests.
  • Protect your property’s value.
  • Make you feel proud to invite people to your house.

Without regular house washing, your home will start to look dingy and unattractive. We will keep your house looking its best.

Our House Washing Services

h2oTEKS knows that you a want house washing services that keep your home looking great without causing any damage. Our house washing process often includes:

  • The latest equipment that lets us control the amount of pressure used to wash your home’s exterior. We will use the right process for each surface type of you property.
  • We can use high pressure to clean your hardscape features like concrete or brick, but we utilize low pressure or soft wash systems to safely clean items such as Stucco, Dryvit, or Vinyl.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaners that remove stubborn dirt from your home without putting the health of your family, pets, plants, and home at risk.
  • Cold water cleaning, when possible, that keeps pressure washing solutions affordable.
  • Hot water washing that may clean your house while limiting the use of chemicals.
  • As a true window cleaning company, your exterior windows will also be cleaned before we leave as part of our service package.

The processes that will we use depends on a few factors, such as what your home’s exterior material and how much dirt we need to remove. By customizing each visit to your needs, we make sure you get the best house washing services.

Schedule Your House Washing With h2oTEKS

Contact us today to get a free estimate for house washing. We will send you a customized quote for you own property and needs. Upon review and approval, we can schedule your house washing at a day and time that’s convenient for you. You can also schedule emergency appointments for when you need us to washing your home’s exterior quickly before an upcoming event.

Don’t let your home’s value and attractiveness suffer. Schedule your next house washing appointment today with h2oTEKS. We’re an insured, experienced local business that makes your satisfaction our #1 priority! Our reputation speaks for itself by the personal referrals we receive, but you can also check our our five star rating on google, or our high rating on your favorite site.

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