First impressions are everything when putting up a property for sale – specifically, buyers seek buildings that look great and are in perfect working condition. While the interior plays a considerable part in the valuation (i.e., stylish kitchens and bathrooms fetch top dollar), it’s the exterior (sidings and all) that could determine the success of a sale. 

If you seek the best offers for your property, it’s a significant advantage to restore the original appearance of your structures before the listing. A professional cleaning company like h2oTEKS has the industry experience and technical specializations to ensure that you make a winning impression on your prospective buyers from every angle. 

Professional Roof Cleaning 

The roof of your property will instantly attract the attention of your buyers – it’s a prominent feature that is impossible to ignore. Gradual exposure to the environment leaves unsightly black streaks (formed by an invasive bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma) on roof systems, leaving an uninviting and unhygienic appearance – that you should avoid or remove at all costs. 

h2oTEKS offers thorough roof cleaning services that create spotless results, eliminating the biggest eyesores on your shingles. Additionally, our team uses eco-friendly soft washing techniques that get the job done without harming the surrounding landscape. 

Meticulous Window Cleaning

Well-maintained windows illuminate your interiors, improving the overall experience of prospective home buyers (which increases the chances of securing a sale). A buyer will likely scrutinize the condition of your property windows since these installations affect HVAC and building maintenance costs in the long term. 

At h2oTEKS, we mastered the traditional window cleaning method, providing streak-free results with the trusty squeegee. Plus, we go the extra mile for taller structures (up to five floors), applying a water-fed pole technique that gets the job done safely and efficiently. 

Request a free estimate from h2oTEKS to benefit from comprehensive residential cleaning services for windows, roofs, and more to maximize your home’s value.

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