Pressure Washing for Home or Business will increase its value

How House Washing Can Prepare a House For Sale

If you are considering putting your home on the market and want to increase the chances of selling your home quickly, then it’s a good idea to get your house washed before you put it up for sale.  H2oTeks are professional washers who will not only take care of your home, but clean your windows and gutters. These tasks will all contribute to your house being in best shape possible for its public showings.

Why should you go to all this trouble?  Because while buying a new home is exciting, it’s frequently intimidating as well.  You want to make your home appeal to the buyer as being easy to move into.  You also want to take away their nervousness and uncertainty, so that they can make a sound decision without worrying about the condition of your house.  This applies to showings as well.  When you are preparing for showing your home and are focused on cleaning up the inside of your house, don’t overlook the importance of taking care of the exterior too.


Curb Appeal

First Impressions Count


Curb appeal is an essential part of selling your home and luring in potential buyers.  The fact of the matter is that today’s home buyers with their busy lives and packed schedules are seeking out properties that offer more than close by shopping and schools, or are located in neighborhoods with other attractive looking homes.  They often want a property that they can just move into without having to do a lot of work on it first.  You can’t blame them.  Moving is a lot of work.  You should be sure and do anything required to make your home appear as ready-to-go as possible.

Tidy up your landscaping, repair any damaged areas, and leave your home gleaming.  Not only does a clean, neat exterior create a welcoming atmosphere for interested buyers, but it also turns your home into the showcase you want it to be as the seller.




Exterior Appearances

Before House Washing                                                                  

After House Washing

A professional house washing will make your home’s exterior shine like new.  If you have siding this can be thoroughly cleaned as well.  By having your siding professionally  washed by H2oTeks, you will ensure that any dirt, mold or mildew that might be growing will be removed, giving your home’s siding an almost new appearance.  Remember that the outside is the first impression that your house will make on potential buyers.  Make it a spotless one.




So what next…

Undoubtedly, a good realtor will point these suggestions out to you, but it is still up to you to get it done. Make sure you call us to help you with these issues. The results you receive will most certainly get make you house sell faster, easier, and for more money. For the best results, hire only qualified cleaners, but if you want the best, call us at h2oTEKS.

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