Window cleaning historic Pittsburgh!

Dirt, rust, gum, mold, sand, or grease; none of these things are a problem for us! There’s always a solution for a dirty property – and h2oTEKS is proud to bring that solution to you.

Here is a new milestone, even for us, window cleaning the historic Burke Building, which is in downtown Pittsburgh. Why are we so interested in this? It’s because of the amazing history behind this building. The Burke Building is the oldest office building in downtown Pittsburgh, designed by John Chislett and erected in 1836. Only…

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Choosing the right company? h2oTEKS – Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Some small companies, post blog photos of all the types of windows they’ve cleaned. They do this to show their “abilities” and that they’re willing to take anything on. But how do you know if with them, you would be choosing the right company? Before dealing with these individuals, BEWARE! Those “abilities” often times are stupid and…

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HELP! Window cleaning pressure washing – ASAP!

Costco Homstead – Concrete

HELP! Window cleaning pressure washing – NEEDED ASAP! This week it was our please to extend our valued services to another new client. When you have a important people coming for a visit last minute it is a rush to make sure everything has stayed in order. As a service provider, we regularly get calls,…

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Window Cleaning at it most needed time…..

Pittsburgh Window Cleaning

   Our customers value their appearance. So after two big snowstorms, when the high end restaurants have large window glass fronts that are now covered in salt and grime, they want to have it cleaned off. No, window cleaning it isn’t the most comfortable, nor the easiest at these temps, but it is possible. So…

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Which contractor should I hire for a job?

Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning h2oTEKS logo

Which contractor should I hire for a job? That’s an important question. Not only will choosing the right contractor effect how satisfied you may end up being on the job, but choosing the wrong one could end up costing you lots of money. To be honest, when hiring a window cleaner, you’re hiring a skilled…

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