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Clean With A Purpose

Windows can be your biggest asset. They are the gateway between the outside world and your business – and they’re a key tool to invite customers new and old through the front door. Feel like people won’t instantly take notice that your windows are clean? It might not be top-of-mind. But they will notice if they are dirty. A commercial window cleaning service from h2oTEKS keeps your building looking clean, fresh, and inviting.

We use water-fed pole technology that cleans your windows with purified water. This:

  • Helps us safely reach five stories or higher while working from the ground
  • Ensures that mineral buildup won’t be left on your glass
  • Delivers a streak free result with staying power

A Streak-Free Guarantee for…

  • Restaurants
    With the variety of food choices available to customers today you have to stand out from the crowd. How do you do that? Maintain a clean exterior and use your windows to your advantage to invite diners in. They’ll see happy guests, delicious food, and a warm environment, and suddenly you have a new customer. If guest don’t see the front of your restaurant as being clean, they certainly won’t think the kitchen is.
  • Retail Stores
    Customers want to have a shopping experience in a clean space. Let your windows show off your inventory and draw in the customers. Clean, clear, and bright storefront displays have a much bigger impact than dirty, grimy windows. Window cleaning will help you connect with as many customers as possible.
  • Car Dealerships
    When someone comes looking for a car, do they go for the dirty one or the shiny and clean one? Not only will clean windows attract potential buyers, but it will also help keep long-term maintenance costs down. Additionally. Buyers will feel confident that you take care of all the details. Additionally, buyers will feel confident that you do indeed take care of all the details.
  • Office Buildings & Property Managers
    We provide excellent service to help you maintain your buildings, with minimal impact on your tenants. Employees will have a better work environment, renters will enjoy an improved living environment, and you’ll have better satisfaction all around. Our window cleaning service is designed to keep business thriving and tenants happy.


Why bother to set up inviting floor displays if people on the outside can’t see them through your dirty windows? With h2oTEKS, you’ll get the best in professional window cleaning – and the best result for your business!

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