It is tempting to hire a local handyman to help around with your house maintenance at an affordable rate, especially if you require swift assistance with a low budget. Such a quick fix approach takes mere minutes as you scan through job boards and gig-for-hire apps. 

Yet, some critical considerations come with hiring non-professionals – and ignoring them could cost you much more than hiring a certified industry expert in the first place. 

Licensing Matters

A licensed professional has the approved credentials of living up to the latest industry standards. For example, there is little guesswork involved when hiring a certified handyman to resolve a plumbing issue within a given timeframe. A non-professional, however, may lack the skills and experience to meet your expectations, which is why they generally charge less for their services. 

Insurance Coverage

Professional cleaning companies like h2oTEKS offer insurance coverage for each rendered service (i.e., protecting homeowners and workers). An insured vendor provides accountability throughout a service, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that accidental damages to your property or on-site accidents receive compensation. 

On the contrary, hiring uninsured local handymen carries a considerable risk of non-claimable and potentially heavy losses. 

Registered Professionals 

A registered professional has a reputation to uphold, which means that you can expect top-notch and consistent customer service as well as impressive results. On the other hand, hiring a non-professional is essentially a gamble. 

There’s always a risk of losing contact with an unregistered individual, at times abandoning incomplete jobs and vanishing without a trace. The worst part is that unprofessional and untrackable individuals can easily assume a new identity with little regard for the consequences of their actions.

h2oTEKS provides comprehensive residential and commercial cleaning services managed by insured, registered, and licensed technicians. We strive to guarantee quality and uncompromised accountability to achieve desired results. Request a free estimate today! 

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