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Residential pressure washing is one of the most affordable and simple ways to increase the value of your home. It’s also a great method to lower costs, save time, and prevent the hassle of future repairs.

h2oTEKS will safely clean your exterior and all of the other elements that make your property feel like home. We’re proud to be authentic specialists, and can meet all of your pressure washing needs:

  • Driveway and Walkway Pressure Washing
  • House Washing
  • Deck Washing
  • Pool Deck Pressure Washing

Whether your home is vinyl siding or brick, regardless if your deck is wood, composite, or concrete, our services will bring out the “like new” to every part of your property.

Your Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Company

Our primary cleaning solution in any job is hot water. This process is not used or possible by most other companies. But this is the best available method, obtaining superior results, while limiting your properties’ exposure to chemical cleaners. It also gets the job done more efficiently and effectively. We provide:

  • Hot water cleaning: Typically, our team uses hot water to clean your exterior. This chemical-free method attains top quality without exposing your property to harmful cleaners. It also gets the job done more efficiently and effectively.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaners: In scenarios that we do pair cleaners with our hot water, it is always eco-friendly and conscious way. That means that your pets, your kids, and your plants are completely safe. After all, if it is bad for them, that’s means it is bad for us too.
  • Cold water cleaning capability: When possible, we always strive to use cold water cleaning to deliver cost-effective pressure washing solutions to you.

Having your house, driveway, and deck cleaned increases the value of your property – and it brings out the best curb appeal. h2oTEKS is here to help you protect your largest investment.

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