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5 Reasons To Clean Your Gutters

Though it may sound like a daunting task, getting your gutters cleaned out is one of the most essential ways for keeping your house in proper condition. After all, you have scheduled house cleaning where you wash the floors and sweep the yards, yet the gutters are often ignored. Avoiding this maintenance need will just…

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Clogged Gutters – A Serious Problem

Gutter cleaning, especially in the fall is a necessity. With leaves joining the general debris, the chances of a clogged gutters increase greatly. Blocked gutters will not allow water to quickly and safety drain away form the house. During winter, they will freeze over, causing dangerous ice dams and the sheer weight can pull gutters…

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h2oTEKS Ltd – Pressure Washing a Retaining Wall

This retaining wall was a mess. Because of its location it never received a single second of sunlight, meaning it had mold, mildew, and moss completely covering it. It had become a big eyesore, really distracting from the rest of the yard. But by using our hot water pressure washing system, we easily cleaned every…

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