How Pressure Washing Your Composite Deck Can Work Miracles

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Regardless of whether your deck is wood or composite, occasional cleaning is a must if you want your deck to keep the fresh, attractive appearance it had on day one. Periodic cleaning is nothing short of preventive maintenance. This maintenance, if done properly, will not only add years to your deck, it can also save you money down the road.

The pressure required to wash your deck surface is really not all that forceful. Still, if overdone, it can damage soft wood or can leave lap marks on most composite decking. When it comes to pressure washing, less is often times more. The pressure washer removes embedded dirt and other contaminants, but too much force will remove a lot more than that. Experience is what you need, because once the damage had been done, the only option is to make it look as not “bad” as possible.  But when done properly the results are amazing!

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Here at h2oTEKS Ltd we have 20 years of experience on our side, which enables us to pressure wash your composite deck correctly and safely.  No matter how bad the condition of your deck is, or how long it has been neglected, we can clean it with our professional hot water unit. Any cleaner we ever use is all Eco-Friendly and safe for your children, pets, and landscaping.

For h2oTEKS, we aim for quality in every job we do. That means we are as careful with your property as we would be with our own. Even in the most neglected of decks, with our pressure washing services, you will be surprised at how thorough and efficient a job we can provide.

Weather you need power washing, soft washing, window or gutter cleaning, we should be your first call for help or instruction.

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