We have all said it before, “We’ll I can take care of that myself.” While you probably haven’t said that about getting a cavity filled, you might have said it to a minor car repair, or small tasks around the house or your business. We hear the same thing when it comes to pressure washing.

You’ve probably tried pressure washing on your own before. Sure you may have a pressure washer, it might be a cute little thing, maybe it’s super easy to use because it is a small electric one. Don’t take this wrong because for quick cleanup on small things that is a perfect piece of equipment. However, the larger the area, or thicker the grime, you need professional commercial equipment.

The best pressure washing equipment is going to be gas powered. While you don’t always want lots of pressure, you want it able to provide between 3500 and 5000 PSI. The more water it uses the better, a minimum of 4 gallons per minute. But some stains can only be removed with a hot water pressure washer, it should be able to do over 200 degrees, or even steam at up to 250 degrees. That type of pressure washer will cost several thousands of dollars, up to $10,000. However for many jobs it is really the only way to do the job well.

That is why, more often than not, you really need to work with a professional to achieve the needed pressure washing results. Let h2oTEKS Ltd help you by means of  our equipment.

The following client washes their store entry vestibule weekly. Yet every two months we wash it and we still achieve unbelievable results. Take a look below to see what you think?

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