What in the world are those little black spots? They are on my windows, my siding, even my car!

Well it is Artillery Fungus. What a funny name, right? Here is why it’s called that. It grows in old wood mulch, and the way it spreads is it stores up energy and then shoots it spores up into the air, like a cannon, where the wind can blow it to your car or up your house.

Will those little black spots cause damage? Some cosmetic damage but that is all. Because of the finish, it is easier to get of you car than your house. But you home can still be cleaned.

If you have problems with this unsightly problem on your house or windows, contact us by way of h2oteks.com, where you can find our phone or email, and we will discuss what can or can’t be done about this problem, and how to decrease the problem in the future.


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