One reason many people wish to own their own home is because many landlords just dont care about properties aside from collecting rent from tenants. But out in Hickory, PA, we found one who really does care. This is first of many properties to come from this landlord. Not only has this landlord invested in the property by installing new siding, gutters, and windows, but he is intent on maintaining them. So here is an example of how dirty every home gets under the porch roof and overhangs. But using our hot water pressure washing system, we easily clean every inch of the house carefully and safely, without disturbing anyone.

When appearance matter, you need h2oTEKS Ltd.

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A Landlord who cares! - h2oTEKS Ltd, Pressure Washing

A Landlord who cares! – h2oTEKS Ltd, Pressure Washing

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