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Pressure Washing – Are all machines the same?

If you’re in need of pressure washing, especially if your going to pay to have it done, you want it done right. But to do any job effectively you need the right tools. The equipment you buy at local box store might be cheap enough to own, and effective at basic jobs, those machines all have there limitations.

Here is an informative article about why our system, a hot water pressure washing,  is much more effective at any task we take on.

Hot Water vs. Cold Water:
Why the difference in pressure washers?
All pressure washers fall into one of two different categories: hot water or cold water.
Because both hot and cold water pressure washers have models with the same (1) flow rate, (2) pressure and (3) capability of cleaning indoors or outdoors, it begs the question: why do you need a hot water pressure washer when everything else is the same?
The answer is as close as the kitchen sink.
You’ve just had a spaghetti supper and it’s time to wash the dishes. Fill one sink with cold water and the other with hot water. Even with a heavy dose of soap in the cold water sink, hot water will clean significantly better and faster. Why?
It’s a story as basic as the molecules that make up water. We learned in our early school years how everything is made of atoms that bond together to form molecules. These tiny molecules are in constant motion.  As water becomes hotter the molecules move faster and faster eventually pushing out so far to convert the liquid water into a gas, or steam. Conversely, as water cools the molecules slow until they become ice. In other words, hot water is packed with energy that is released into the cleaning equation with a powerful punch. This energy also causes a reduction in the water’s surface tension so that it can now penetrate more easily and effectively the molecules of grease and grime.
Actually, there are three key elements–heat, agitation and soap—that successfully remove grease and grime. Here’s how each works:
• Heat, as described above, creates a high-speed molecular action that causes the cleaning agent to be more active and reduces water’s surface tension so it can effectively penetrate grime at the molecular level.
• Agitation is the impact that comes from the water volume and water pressure hitting the surface—similar to the action of hand scrubbing the dinner plate in your kitchen sink.
• Finally, soap (often referred to by pressure washer users as “detergent”) chemically breaks the bond between dirt and the surface, such as a floor or metal plate. It starts when the molecules of oil and grease attach themselves to dirt and keep them trapped or bound to the surface. Detergents use softening agents, technically referred to as “surfactants” (an abbreviation for “surface active reagents”) to emulsify the oil and grease. Emulsification is
the process in which two or more immiscible liquids, like oil and water, no longer repel each other but actually mix. Once the oil and water are able to mix forming an emulsion, the dirt–still clinging to the oil and grease–is carried away in the wash water.
So what does all of this have to do with a hot water pressure washer? Hot water washers bring together in perfect balance all three of these key elements—heat, agitation and soap–to deliver cleaning’s ideal knockout punch.

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Jonathan is a pleasure to work with. His team is very professional and courteous. They take the time to explain what they will be doing, any concerns they have and ask for you to approve the outcome before leaving. They're also the only company in Pittsburgh that returned my call when I was looking for someone to power wash the house. That speaks volumes.
Stencil Company
Stencil Company
18:53 17 Dec 18
This place was wonderful! Jonathan was very helpful, responded to texts and emails quickly, and was able to service our house within 24hrs. We just bought our home and didn't get a chance to look at the gutters yet when we had an unexpected leak due to a clog. Jonathan removed the clog, cleaned and inspected our gutters and roof thoroughly and made suggestions for improving the slope of gutters in case we continue to have leak/clog issues. Will have him back yearly to maintain our gutters!
Caden O'Malley
Caden O'Malley
08:39 15 Nov 18
Jonathan is very Honest to work and also very professional. I am highly Satisfied.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter
09:29 06 Dec 18
Jonathan Barrick was an absolute delight to work with. It's refreshing to find someone who does what he says he will :) I look forward to working with him again.
George VoorGalos
George VoorGalos
00:58 06 Dec 18
Excellent service. Quality work. Quick response by contact through their email. Highly recommend using this profession company.
Todd Levenson
Todd Levenson
10:29 02 Oct 18
The folks at H2Oteks were prompt, polite and very professional. They charged us a very fair rate and did an excellent job on our windows. Our building has a lot of windows and I was impressed by how quickly and efficiently they got them all done. And the gentleman even did the job while it was raining. I would highly recommend this company.
nate grey
nate grey
17:07 01 Oct 18
We had a wonderful experience with H2oTEKS! Jonathan and team were super responsive and did a great job cleaning our gutters and windows. We will definitely use them again!
Allison Eash
Allison Eash
14:07 15 Apr 19

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