Pittsburgh Presure Washing - h2oTEKS Ltd.

Pittsburgh Pressure Washing – h2oTEKS Ltd.

With spring on the way, it is time to think about the needs of your home or business to restore or maintain its beauty. For pressure washing in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, contact us at h2oTEKS. Using our hot water system we can complete care for any surface you have. Areas that are not in direct sun or are frequently damp, they are prone to mold and mildew.

For the best result in Pittsburgh, any pressure washer you use yourself or contractor you hire, needs to have the right experience and equipment. Our system allows us to adjust the pressure to the proper amount, allowing the hot water to actually clean the surface, not just power it away with force. Shear pressure may clean by removing the debris, but it will often also damage or scare the permanent structure. That is why you dont want to hire or use just any old “power washer” you can find or is cheap. If you do, the results wont satisfy you, nor will they be worth the bottom dollar price.

Now is the time to think about your needs and plan ahead and schedule. Schedules can be made to match any party or special even you are hosting.

h2oTEKS Ltd Pittsburgh pressure washing at it’s best.

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