Gutter cleaning required

A clogged gutter will cause problems.

Why is gutter cleaning something we’re talking about again in the middle of winter? It’s because now is the time that neglected gutters are going to cause you the worst problems.

Your gutters, or the need for gutter cleaning, may not be something you may not pay attention to much, but they provide a important service. When in proper repair, they channel water away from the house safely and quickly. Otherwise when it rains the water just rushes over the side of the house, ruining landscape beds and settling right against the basement wall, perhaps creating more water problems.

The problems get worse the colder it get below freezing. Any gutters not properly cleaned are slow to drain, or will hold water,  which will now fill with snow melt and create ice. This creates real problems.

First, those pretty hanging chunks of ice are a hazard. They can either hurt someone when they fall, or the growing weight of the ice can rip your gutters and even the facia right off the house.

But what if that “worse” case scenerio doesn’t happen? Something worse could. Suppose your gutters support the weight of growing ice. That ice will now grow up the roof and under the shingles creating an ice dam. Now my new snow melt can be forced under the shingles no into you home. This can be the ‘worst’ case scenerio! (Please see our previous post about how ice dams form.)

Our next post will highlight ways to do emergency snow removal, or ice dam melting.

But please don’t wait until the damage is done. Consider our gutter cleaning service to ensure proper gutter maintenance. We clean the inside of your gutter of all debris, removing it in bags ,and from your property. Other gutter cleaning “people,” (the non professional, side job, or  this is my beer money) often times just use leaf blowers and clear the gutter into your landscape beds or down the sides of your house. We also will clean the downspouts and flush everything to ensure its in proper working order.

h2oTEKS Ltd is happy to provide 20 years worth of experience, specializing in window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. We are not an all purpose cleaning or handy man company. What we do is all that we do, making us great at it!

Were a small family owned/operated business that has given positive results to thousands of homes and businesses.

Rest assured, if its gutter cleaning, window cleaning, or pressure washing; form Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Columbus Ohio, or beyond, you will have a hard time finding someone else that you will be more satisfied with.

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Ice dams cause by clogged gutters lead to trouble!

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