How do you feel about your home’s gutters? Most feel out of sight out of mind. However, clogged gutters can cause cracks, fissures and rot along the foundation of the house. Not to mention damage to your roof or interior water damage. That’s why it should be a standard maintenance item to have your gutters inspected and cleaned by trusted contractor at least once or twice a year.

Late fall after the leaves have come down is the ideal time to clean and inspect them before the tests that winter will bring to your gutter drainage system.

Aside from the Fall leaves what other signs are there that you need gutter cleaning and inspection?

  • Rainwater Spillover
    • When it’s raining, if water is spilling over the gutter, it is blocked with debris. This will  cause damage to the house’s exterior and foundation.  A clean roof gutter would hold the water and discard it from one end only.
  • Sagging Gutter
    • A sagging gutter is never normal. If your roof’s gutter is sagging or no long properly aligned, it’s time for you to make a call. Debris, dirt, snow, ice and water will be trapped in the low spot rather than head for the downspout. This adds to the gutter becoming  heavy and possibly even detaching. this needs to be repaired to prevent further costly damage.
  • Leaks in the Roof
    • If you are suddenly surprised by the dripping water inside your house, then your problems will quickly compound if you don’t take quick action. h2oTEKS not only can clean and repair your gutters but we will do a roof inspection as well and provide options to repairs you may need to roofing, flashing, or any other issues that could be creating problems.
  • Stains and Mildew
    • Stains and mildews on the wall means there’s standing water somewhere. And standing water means, the gutter is failing to effectively drain all the water away from the house.


Pay attention to your house, and keep an eye out for the above-mentioned signs. In case you detect any of the signs, reach out to h2oTEKS immediately. For any needs regarding: Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, or Gutter Cleaning. Call the best local provider, with well over 20 years experience. Click Here to use our online quote request.

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Gutter Cleaning Results – h2otTEKS

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