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I had Jonathan come out and do my outside windows. We transacted everything through email, which is convenient for me, my windows never looked better. He even checked in with me after to make sure I was satisfied with his service. The price was right as well. Will have him back again.

- D Mcginnis

We had Jonathan come to our house and he did the works. He washed the house, cleaned the gutters, and washed the Windows. He did a fantastic job. The house looks amazing. He was very polite, took great care of our property, and did beyond our expectations. We will certainly use him again. Thanks h2oTEKS Ltd.

- William B

I used h2oteks for the power washing and window washing of my home after hearing of their reputation for fair prices and quality work. I wasn’t totally sure until after seeing their work for my self, I was completely satisfied after seeing their work first hand. And have been using them ever since. 5 Star Rating*****
Quicksilver Electric LLC

- Ben Page

Jonathan’s service is excellent. He is very professional with the services he provides. The windows look beautiful when he is finished. He contacts you, let’s you know what day he will be at your house and shows up at the expected time. He does window cleaning but also does my gutters and does a great job with that as well. He is a hard worker who I enjoy having at my home. I highly recommend h2oTEKS

- Karen Richardson

Jonathan from h2oTEKS was great to work with. He did a wonderful job on my windows, both inside and outside, and he was very neat. Not a drop of water anywhere. I would recommend h2oTEKS and Jonathan to all my family and friends. The price was a good value. Let them make your house sparkle!!

- Sally M.

My wife and I were very happy with the thorough power washing of our home. The attention to detail and the tools used themselves were impressive. The house, including siding and porches, looked like when we first moved in 11 years previous! A large stain was even removed from the concrete near the front door. We were pleased and would recommend h2oteks and their services wholeheartedly.

- Kevin

Jonathan did a great job cleaning my dirty windows. While he was cleaning my foyer window, he also insisted on changing a burned-out lightbulb and dusting my chandelier. I really appreciated such excellent service, above and beyond!

- Stephanie

Jonathan of h2oTEKS have done excellent work for us at our home. We first had him cleaning the gutters and the streaks off the face of them, then he washed the house and got all the dirt and mold off the house. He finished with the windows and the hard to reach mirror above the staircase. It was just what we needed and he did a fantasic job.

- Stephanie P

Jonathan and h2oTEKS have a great personality. He has a very special way of making everyone feel welcome and at ease. Besides having a strong work ethic, he shows great integrity. You don’t have to worry about letting him into your home, your children, pets, and belongs are secure. And best of all, your windows will be left sparkling. You can talk to Jonathan about anything or simply continue your daily chores. For this reason he has earned my business at both my office and home.

- Michael Evens

I’d like to say that Jonathan from h2oTEKS is the best window cleaner that I have had. The windows are always clean.  He come every month and always take care of anything I ask for.  When I asked him to do the inside windows, the floor was left clean when he was done, not like the other companies I’ve used in the past.  He opens the door for my customers if they show up while he is here. We could not ask for a better company to do our windows.

- Sandy Mayersky, Izod #10 (Tanger Outlet -Washington, PA)