Solar Panel Cleaning

For clean energy to succeed, it needs a special hand. h2oTEKS provides our region with professional solar panel cleaning solutions that protect your investment – and your environmentally friendly power source.

Solar Panel Cleaning: Why it Matters

Your solar panels are constantly exposed to mother nature. This has implications for their efficiency, as well as their long-term quality.

With a professional solar panel cleaning solution from h2oTEKS, your panels will have the maintenance needed to ensure that they reach their maximum potential.

Dirty panels don’t get your property the juice it deserves. With a regular cleaning service, you’ll maximize your energy potential… And you will have a solar panel investment that lasts.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

We provide professional solar panel cleaning solutions that protect the delicate nature of your panels and ensure they’re ready for maximized functionality.

Our soft wash service is designed to remove buildup, debris, and other matter that might hurt the quality of your solar panels.

After Our Service, You’ll Enjoy:
  • Longer lasting solar panels
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Top quality capacity
  • Curb appeal

Cut your energy bills, contribute to the future of clean energy, and enjoy an investment that lasts with our solar panel cleaning services. h2oTEKS is proud to serve homes and businesses with professional service that protects the future of each and every solar panel on your property.

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